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As every small detail is discussed about the tutorial, I hope you’ll buy it after knowing about it properly. So, I’m not offering any refund policy, which means you won’t be refunded after you purchase the course. If you have any confusion or query, you can always knock me and discuss.

Accepted Payments

I’m using four payment methods to receive payments. These are- Crypto currency, Webmoney, Skrill and Payoneer. So, there is enough scope of paying as you can choose any one from the four options. Also, I’ll be adding PayPal within a short time. Till then, payments will be taken through these methods.

Contact Information

I don’t have any intention of being lost after you purchase the course. You can knock me anytime for anything related to the course. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask any question. My contact details is.


Question:What is the live ratio of Google Ads Account?

Answer: It is around 60% in percentage. So, if you create 10 Google Ads Account, you can expect that 6 will remain live at the end.

Question: How much will I have to spend for each account?

Answer: It depends on the account you create. Normally Gmail costs 30 cents, card costs 7 USD and proxy cost is also included. If you create multiple accounts, it’ll take around 60-70 cents per account.

Question: How an ads account costs 60-70 cents when the card cost is 7 USD?

Answer: You can use a card many times while creating a Google Ads Account.

Question: How much time does it take to create a Google Ads Account?

Answer: It takes around 15 minutes to create a Google Ads Account.

Question: To create the accounts, do I need Personal information of real people?

Answer: No, you don’t. The accounts don’t ask for valid personal information like SSN or ID card. You can use randomly generated name and address.

Question: Do I need to use hacked Credit Card to pay in this method?

Answer: No. I am not teaching something that supports unethical hacking. Instead of using CC, we are going to use VCC (Virtual Credit Card). So, you won’t have to get other’s account hacked.

Question: What will I receive if I buy the tutorial? Video tutorials or PDF files?

Answer: The processes are shown in video format. Also, there are some rules and tips which are in PDF files.

Question: How will I received the videos and PDF files?

Answer: Everything will be shared to your Gmail from a Google Drive source.

Question: Is the process legal?

Answer: Yes the process is fully legal. You are not hacking any account, you are not using other person’s personal information. Basically, you are not doing anything illegal.

Question: If I don’t pay for the ads worth this much USD, howis it legal?

Answer: Google gives an amount of threshold for a new account. The basic behind the method is using the threshold amount and leave the account after using the amount. Thus you are spending the amount that belongs to you. So, this is not an illegal method.