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♦ I’m monthly advertise on google ads accounts $30k+ with this trick, I’m doing affiliate marketing yes i earn so much, i have share the screenshot of this months in the right section.

♦ I have shared a trick in this tutorial that can advertise on google ads accounts any amount as you want.

♦ If you are investing money on other’s advertising platform just leave it, You don’t need to spend money on it, use google ads accounts and spend $800+ in one accounts with my method, yes it’s a secret trick that’s  why i’m selling this method.

♦ You guys can think about i’m doing hacking and using other’s person credit card and SSN in the google ads accounts for payment, NO i’m not doing this.

♦ Many people using hacked for this, but this trick is very different from any other tricks, i’m using vcc that’s no need of any other person SSN and ID Card.

♦ You can use the card with any random name and any random address.

Best Customer Supports

I will supports you 6 month, not like 24/7 day i will online, but in meantime daily i can online 8 hours a day to check skype message and email to support you, You can ask me anything with anytime, just you need to leave a message via skype or email and i’m ready to reply❤️

No Illegal iTem Using

I’m using in this tutorial no illegal item example: Social Security Number, Hacked Credit Cards, Hacked Bank Accounts. Clearly no hacking items.

So you can buy this tutorial and enjoy it without hesitate of thinking hacking items and illegal items.


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I have shared there many secret trick like how to create safe campaign and get traffic from google ads free without any issues, I was selling this tutorial about $600, In this situation, During corona virus, need more money to help people and many things, i’m just selling this tutorial now $299 

The Features of Google Ads Method

Please check demo of some accounts and check screenshot, Don’t just click it to for order, think about it and ask yourself, This thing will be profitable for you or not. also if you want to ask me anything about this tutorial feel free to contact me.

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This is the accounts that i created while making the tutorial and it's still active and getting traffic from this.

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Refund Policy

Think about it first, what you will get, and what you not, I have described all information about this tutorial, You will not be refunded once you got the tutorial, If you want to ask any other information, you can knock me at skype, Don’t feel hesitate to knock me, I’m always free to communicate with you.

Accepted Payments

Right now i’m accepting payment method: Cryptocurrency, Webmoney, Skrill and Payoneer, Also i have been thinking about paypal to take payments online, it will be our next payment gateway to take payment here. STAY with ME.

Contact Information

You can always contact me for asking anything about this tutorial or any other kind information, if i can help with other kinds of information that will be glad, I’m very friendly person.

Skype: live:.cid.f967e6d1f74809c4
Email: support@adwordsthresholdmethod.com

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) of everything that is most commonly talked on this process.

Q: What is the live ratio of google ads accounts.

A: If you create 5 accounts, 3 accounts will live.

Q: How much cost each account

A: Like Gmail cost 30 cents, card cost $7, and proxy cost average 60/70 cent creating the cost of one google ads account.

Q: If Card price is $7 then how it would be cost $0.60 cent each account?

A: You can use the same cards many times in multiple google ads accounts.

Q: How much time do I need to create one gads account?

A: Average on 15 minutes need to create each gads account.

Q: Do I need to use any other person’s personal information like SSN, ID CARD?

A: No, you don’t need any other individual’s personal information to create google ads account, you can use fake name or random address or random name.

Q: Do you use hacked cc on this tutorial?

A: No, We don’t. I used VCC (Virtual Prepaid Card) for create google ads accounts. Not hacked cc or Anything illegal.

Q: Is this video tutorial or PDF File?

A: All creating process showed on videos and some rules with PDF file.

Q: How can I get the tutorial?

A: I will share the tutorial on google drive with your gmail.

Q: Why i’m using illegal word many times?

A: Cause people are saying, yo you doing illegal hacking stuff, i know this is legal or not. you can google it about this, churn burn adwords method.

Q: This is legal or not?

Google ads give $350 threshold for a new users, you can use the threshold and leave the accounts, Clear cut speech if you are a rich person then this is not legal, if are a poor person then this tricks is soo good for you haha.

Price: $299

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